Individual Education Consultations


We offer tailor made education consultations working on the individual needs of parents and their children:

What is the right school for my child?

What school can my child obtain a place at?

Should I apply for 7+, 10+ or focus on the 11+ exams?

Does the exam requirement differ for every school and how should I prepare my child for this?

How important is the interview process?

Is my child eligible to sit for a scholarship?


These are just some of the questions that we all ask ourselves and Surboss can help you to find the answers that works for your child and family.

To help you on your schooling journey, we also offer the option of working with a Head of a Prep School who can assess your child and based on this independent assessment, advise you on the best school choices.

In addition to this a detailed analysis will be provided based on the initial requirements, this could be from a high level school analysis, scholarship and bursary report, fee structure analysis to co-curricular activities offered.