Malini McCauley

Malini is a founder and director of Surboss.


Malini  is a qualified accountant and has worked for a number on banks in the City of London including nine years at Goldman Sachs.

Malini has also spent much time working in Education, Sales and Marketing and she has been a Primary State School Governor, as well as helping out regularly in the classroom for Early years and Key Stage 1 levels.


Malini has  worked for many years in the private school sector in various areas including Admissions, Marketing and Fundraising. 

She has two children and can very clearly identify and empathise with parents going through the secondary school selection process.

Sarah Hill

Sarah is a founder and director of Surboss.


Sarah studied economics and is a qualified accountant under the ACCA designation.

During a 16 year career in Finance she covered accounting, financial control, risk and project management roles at major Banks including Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank.

Sarah has also worked in both the Marketing and Education sectors. Her expertise includes  Business Development, Marketing Publications, Promotional Products, Branding and Market Analysis.

She is also a parent of a primary school pupil and has first hand experience of the difficult choices facing parents at the start of a child's education.