Relocation / Education Networks


Working with corporate companies to provide an advisory service to employees who are relocating. This could either be an assessment of a child or provision of a detailed analysis of schools in the relocation area.


Surboss understands that for anyone relocating, finding the right school for your child will be the number one concern. Whether you are relocating within the UK or internationally, Surboss offers a service that ensures the transition of your child's education will be as smooth and stress-free as possible, and that you will find the school best suited for your child and the family needs.


For those relocating from overseas, our specialist Education Consultants can provide an overview of the UK education system and help you understand any differences between the UK and International educational systems as well as the different school options within both the private and state sector.

Surboss will help you get the right information on schools in the area you are thinking of moving to and advice you on any questions you may have ranging from curriculum and facilities to co-curricular activities and fees (where applicable).

Along with the detailed analysis, we can also help you by arranging visits to the schools, and assisting you with the application process.

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